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Our Mission, Vision and Values


Be the most dependable and qualified specialized respite,  home care and nursing providers in the Greater Sudbury and surrounding area to provide services for families and individuals aged 0 to 99.


  RNA rehumanizes health care in the midst of a pandemic. Our clients are not just a number, but a valued human being that deserves access to high quality hands-on care.

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What Makes Respite Nurses Agency Special

A nurse taking card of old patient


Humanized Health Care

We are more than a diagnosis or a test result. We are all unique individuals that are entitled to receive individualized care delivered with compassion and dignity. Here at Respite Nurses Agency, we treat our clients like family.


Family First Mentality

We understand that for clients and staff alike, family always comes first. We center our care not only around the primary client, but the family as a whole thus, keeping every individual in mind. We provide care for the whole family.


Keeping it Simple

Life is complicated. Life with an illness or disability is even harder to navigate without the proper support. We are here to make it easier. We help clients and their families navigate the health care system and provide personalized care you can guide with ease.

Our Story

Why I Created Respite Nurses Agency

Rehumanizing health care is at the heart of my company. I believe that by simply treating my clients and employees as valued human beings that deserve respect especially in difficult moments of their lives, we can make a difference.
I am a devoted and loving partner to Vic and mother to not just Jaxx, but the many children who are now all a part of my growing family. With the help of my work family's heartfelt support, I am able to generate a positive change in our community. Seeing the change Respite Nurses Agency can make in one person’s life makes me truly hopeful for a bright future in home care.

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